I am a Danish civil engineer born 1919. This homepage contains genealogical tables for me and my Brazilian wife Eunice Pereira de Castro with indices for surnames and place names. It also cintains Gedcom-information on the members of two families by name of Kaarsberg, whose connection to my family has not been proven.

The ancestry is based on personal research in archives, books and family records, recently supplemented by data from other genealogists, obtained partly by electronic media and not yet all verified.

Apart from the lines of ancestors, I have worked on pedigrees and biographies for selected ancestors; two of these booklets are mentioned in the Danish text and have been presented to public libraries.

My family originates from Anders Hansen Korsebjerg (ca. 1600 - 1665), who was judge of the district of Odense and tenant of the farm Korsebjerg at Ubberud west of Odense; he was son of Hans Anderssön, tenant of the same farm (born about 1550, died ca. 1633). The spelling of the name was gradually changed to its present form. The name of Korsebjerg signifies Mount of the Cross. Most classes of society are represented among my ancestors, and they have inhabited most parts of Denmark, except the island of Bornholm. Many were also born in foreign countries, mainly Sweden, Norway and Germany, and most of these were artisans immigrated in the late 1700’s. A few family members have emigrated, notably to Norway, UK and California.

The origin of my wife Eunice's family is mainly Portuguese immigrants to Brazil. Among her ancestors are also other Europeans, in particular Spaniards, and a few representatives of the native population are documented. The lines of ancestors are based on Eunice's maternal grandfather's records of his studies of extensive genealogical works. They are supplemented by the book "Negros da Terra" by John Manuel Monteiro (São Paulo 1994) and by genealogical pages on the Internet. Presently a single branch only is carried back to the period around Brazil's discovery in the year 1500.
A book dealing with the family Pereira de Castro has been published in 2003. Its title is "Tesouro de Família", and the author is Samuel Candido de Oliveira, whose address is:

The records are prepared employing the Swedish programme Disgen 7.0e-1
The extracts from Disgen are prepared with GedCom and GedClean.
The lines of ancestors are prepared with the programme Ahne2Web.
This Homepage is edited by my son Palle Kaarsberg.



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